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    CBD Helps Golfers Improve Their Game: Overcoming Golf Anxiety Disorder

    CBD Helps Golfers Improve Their Game: Overcoming Golf Anxiety Disorder

    The Mental Game

    Golfers on all levels of the game have always said that the game is 90% mental and 10% physical. Jack Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers of all time, wasn't particularly known for his smooth ball striking mechanics. But Nicklaus' mental game was unsurpassable. He was a master at positive visualization and mindful focus on the present moment. Nicklaus' strongest talent was his ability to convert that mentally rehearsed perfect swing into a totally confident actual swing on the golf course. Opponents often quipped that on the mental level, Jack played a different game. 

    Golf Anxiety: A Paralyzing Force

    Struggling with the mental aspect of golf is so prevalent that it has its own specific labels in the performance anxiety category of psychology.  It's called "golf anxiety disorder" or"frustrated golfer syndrome". There are pages and pages of resources on the internet dedicated to overcoming the disorder. Golf anxiety is often "a paralyzing force in many player's games" according to this article at golf-mental-game-coach.com. Their motto at Whole Mind Golf is "Unlock your mind and lower your score."

    Frustrated Golfer Syndrome

    "Golf is an emotional roller coaster for many, if not most, of the people who play it," says Michael Bader in his article at Psychology Today. The game's unique demands for perfection can place equally unique stresses on those who play. Golf is the ultimate "close but no cigar" game. An 18-foot 11-inch putt, 19 feet from the hole, is still a loser in the mind of the golfer. Worse yet, that memory will tend to stick with him the next time he faces another 19-foot putt.

    A slumping baseball player at least gets credit for the occasional base hit as he struggles out of a slump, and is still considered a successful hitter even if he fails to hit the ball 70% of the time. Not so for the golfer who falls short by just an inch or so. The perfectionism inherent in the game is one of the reasons Mark Twain is reputed to have said that "Golf is a good walk spoiled". But for golfers, mastering the difficulties of the game brings deep satisfaction, which is why so many dedicated duffers keep on coming back for more.

    Anxiety Causes and CBD

    Anxiety disorders, in general, share a common characteristic in that they cause the sufferer to focus on what could happen in the future as related to what has happened in the past. The mind, fully occupied with these "could've, should've, would've" scenarios, can only partially and weakly commit to the present moment which is where its full focus should be centered. The anxiety is a confidence killer, and for a golfer, confidence and focus on the present moment is crucial. That's where a CBD regimen can help.

    CBD and Self Confidence

    CBD research as a treatment for anxiety has focused largely on the more general category of SAD, or social anxiety disorder. Any anxiety disorder can be developed by conditions of brain chemistry, genetics, or in the case of the struggling golfer, life experience. A recent study in Brazil used MRI technology to monitor effects of CBD on brain chemistry in SAD sufferers. They noted a definite anti-anxiety effect in the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain which control emotions. Study participants showed significantly enhanced confidence when performing in a public speaking test.

    CBD and the Physical Golf Game

    We mustn't forget about the remaining 10% of golf, or the physical side of the game, now that we've covered the mental 90% side. Ironically, many CBD users began their regimens for the outstanding anti-inflammatory physical benefits that CBD provides.

    Many were athletes seeking non-toxic relief from joint and muscle pain, a use for which CBD has gained widespread acceptance. What they were happily surprised to find though, was that CBD also enhanced overall mood and gave a calm sense of self-confidence. 

    A golfer can't get any better than when he's swinging away confidently with the healthy body and confident state of mind that a CBD regimen can bring to enhance 100% his game.



    CBD Helps With Post Sports Inflammation: CBD and Professional Athletes

    CBD Helps With Post Sports Inflammation: CBD and Professional Athletes

    CBD Gains Acceptance in the Professional Sports World

    It's difficult to come up with a profession which could benefit more from CBD's anti-inflammatory properties than the athletes of the National Football League. Well, perhaps bull-riding rodeo cowboys come in a close second place. Hockey is another high impact sport where CBD is gaining inroads, through the promotional efforts of former Philadelphia Flyer Riley Cote.

    Whatever the sport, retired athletes, as well as active, are discovering CBD as an attractive alternative to addictive pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Professional Athletes "Just Say Yes" to CBD

    Many of today's retiring athletes grew up in the "Just say no" era of the seventies and eighties and rightly reject the traditional drug therapies passed down from that time. Common prescription pain killers fall into two categories; opiates, and opioids. The opiate class includes codeine and morphine. The opioid class includes heroin, Vicodin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, Demerol, and methadone. These are household names for anyone who has had any experience with drug addiction.

    All of the above are highly addictive and produce strong undesired side effects, such as dependence and tolerance, which results in higher and higher dosages required to achieve the same relief. CBD is non-intoxicant and non-addictive, though most users report that it does enhance mood and self-confidence, as well as providing relief as an anti-inflammatory for joint pain or head injury.

    Jake Plummer, Retired Denver Broncos Quarterback on a CBD Crusade

    “My old injured joints now feel inflammation free. I’m more mentally alert & feel like my whole system operates more efficiently,” says the retired NFL quarterback, quoted from this article at HoneyColony. Plummer says he hasn't made any other drastic changes to his diet or exercise routine, he simply takes a few drops of CBD oil each day.

    Jake Plummer has been leading the charge for public acceptance of medical marijuana for some time now since retiring from the NFL beaten, battered, and bruised after 10 tough years as a quarterback. Plummer says that he left the game because he was tired of taking prescription anti-inflammatories and pain killers all year just to get through the season.

    Plummer was introduced by a fellow NFL player to a CBD oil product called Charlotte's Webb. As a player who had avoided opiates and even some over-the-counter medications throughout his career, Plummer found that CBD, with no intoxicating effects and its superior therapeutic benefits, was the way to go. You can read more about Plummer's crusade to persuade the NFL about the many benefits of CBD in this article by Mike Tanier.

    A4C Athletes For Care

    Athletes from all across the sports world have banded together to promote CBD in the non-profit organization Athletes For Care. (A4C). Their membership includes professional and collegiate athletes as diverse as extreme snowboarder Greta Gaines, NHL ambassador Riley Cotes, and tennis player Julie Anthony, who was Billie Jean King's champion doubles partner in the 70's. 

    Jake Plummer is joined at A4C, unsurprisingly, by a majority number of NFL and NCAA football players. They're all busy actively promoting CBD for a variety of therapeutic uses. Along with joint and bone injury, these athletes point out that traumatic head injuries and concussion symptoms can also be treated more safely, and benignly, with a CBD regimen. 

    Former Philadelphia Eagle offensive lineman Todd Herremans spent 11 years in the NFL. He's now one of the A4C athletes leading the charge to get the NFL to recognize the benefits of CBD and medical marijuana, as opposed to the traditional use of opioids. Herremans sums it all up in the quote below.

    "To me, using opiates for aches and pains is likened to using a sledgehammer to drive a nail," said Herremans in this interview with Tim McManus at ESPN.  



    CBD Helps Travelers With Fear of Flying: Natural Control for Aviophobia

    CBD Helps Travelers With Fear of Flying: Natural Control for Aviophobia

    Aviophobia in a Post 9/11 World

    Yes, we know all the comforting safety statistics about modern air travel. You've told us over and over again how flying is so much safer than driving down a city street. We know that a Boeing jet takes off or lands safely every two seconds. We Avio-phobics even have our own website, full of comforting stats and reassuring charts and graphs. But as the site says, if the odds are one crash in five million, we will still focus on the one.

    Our rational minds have absorbed and even accepted this helpful information, and we've even learned the basics of aerodynamics. Yet somewhere, deep down at the subconscious level, we just know that heavy, gigantic, metal thing can't fly. And what about terrorists? When you add the "crazy human" variable to the mix, aviophobia in a post 9/11 world is certainly no picnic.

    Aviophobia Symptoms

    Racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, dry mouth, and an overwhelming sense of anxiety are some of the symptoms triggered by any "Now boarding flight ..." call for us at the airport. Quite often fear of flying is combined with an element of claustrophobia, the fear of being locked in a closed space. Symptoms may kick in just by anticipating the flight we'll have to endure, according to this article at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

    The reactions we experience are all a part of our natural human "Fight or Flight" response to any scenario perceived as dangerous, or life- threatening. In our case, the fear of flying is out of proportion to the actual danger. But there is a natural, biochemical way to correct the brain's out-of-proportion, biochemical response.

    Your Brain is Already Wired for Natural CBD Therapy

    CBD extracts from natural hemp plants are finding widespread application in treatments to reduce fear and anxiety. In his article, Michael Lewis MD of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute, points out that areas of the brain which control mood, stress, sleep, irritability, fear, and craving just happen to be pre-equipped with receptors standing by for CBD. The biochemical infrastructure for CBD synthesis in the brain is already there. Administering CBD extracts to enhance the brain's natural production reduces stress and anxiety.

    CBD vs THC

    CBD is not to be confused with the psychoactive THC component also found in the hemp plant. THC as a treatment for any phobia should be avoided. THC could actually aggravate a phobia, whereas CBD works to counteract and balance the THC effects when they are administered together.

    CBD taken alone, in the form of CBD oil, produces a calm self-confident mood. Fear of flying is on this list of 10 Anxieties that CBD Can Eliminate at the MJWellness website.  They recommend a few drops before the flight to produce a calm "shut-eye" mood that will enable the aviophobia sufferer to enjoy the flying experience. We've got a CBD solution that's even more perfect for air travel.

    MedCBD Chewing Gum

    Keep calm and keep your ears adjusted by chewing some MedCBD gum in flight. Experienced air travelers have long recognized the benefit of chewing gum and frequent swallowing to avoid clogged ears caused by fluctuations in air pressure in the cabin. Having some MedCBD aboard for a long flight can be very reassuring for someone challenging the fear of flying. You can relax and enjoy a good book or the in-flight movie without having to "white-knuckle" all the way to your destination.

    We no longer have to cancel vacations that the family was looking forward to. Nor do we continue to put our careers at risk by avoiding business trips which require frequent flying. Surrendering to our disproportional chemical response to flying is a burden placed not only on ourselves. Our untreated aviophobia affects family and business colleagues as well. A piece of MedCBD gum before the flight can expand our world, and give us the calm and serenity we need to get out there and see it.

    FDA Declares Cannabidiol (CBD) is Beneficial

    The Food and Drug Administration recently declared CBD as "a beneficial substance" as positive testimonials come in from those who have tried CBD infused products. CBD is number 16 on the list of 17 substances the FDA is reviewing. If you have used CBD to successfully treat a phobia or physical ailment the FDA wants to hear from you. You can submit your testimonial at the federal website.


    How CBD Helps Golfers Improve Their Game

    How CBD Helps Golfers Improve Their Game

    With a wealth of different health applications, the future of CBD (Cannabidiol) looks extremely bright for those who suffer from a variety of painful and frustrating ailments. Although CBD can help in many ways in everyday life, one of the best places that it can assist is on the golf course, where a festering health issue can significantly undermine your game. Here are a few of the most important ways that CBD can get you back on track at the tee box and let you make the most out of that round you’ve been waiting for.


    Anxiety relief:
    Even if you have a top-of-the-line golf set when you hit the links, anxiety is something that can completely derail a day at your favorite golf course no matter how relaxing the backdrop might seem. However, you don’t have to give into jitters when you’re lining up that par putt. Although there are plenty of applications for CBD, one of the most effective is when it’s used to treat various forms of anxiety, offering a potential breakthrough for anyone whose nerves catch up to them on the course. Whether your anxiety stems from OCD, social anxiety or something more severe like post-traumatic stress, CBD can be a huge assist to your golf game that allows you to get back to focusing on what’s important – like beating your brother-in-law on the back nine.


    A good night’s rest:
    For anyone who suffers from insomnia, an early-morning engagement can make it even more difficult to get some shuteye. For golfers, this could mean a terrible night’s sleep before heading out to the opening tee, which can take you off your game before you even get started. But instead of counting sheep, many have begun to enjoy the benefits of CBD, which has been shown in research to improve sleep time with the appropriate dosage. Considering that golf is as much mental as any other sport, a full night of rest can have you razor sharp no matter how early your tee time is.


    Anti-inflammatory agent:
    Golf is difficult as it is without joint inflammation, which can severely undercut a golfer’s enjoyment of golf in a variety of ways. Yet even though relief from ailments like Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis or gout can seem out of reach, research has pointed to CBD being a significant reducer of symptoms. For arthritis and other similar diseases associated with joint inflammation, CBD can provide relief for both acute and chronic symptoms, making Cannabidiol a potentially game-changing addition to your golf game. Not only can CBD improve inflammation for the occasional golfer but it can have a tremendous impact for those who are a little more serious about the sport, as joint inflammation can built over time and become very problematic for regular golfers.


    Upset stomach:
    For many, the perfect round of golf is actually planned weeks – if not months – ahead of time and often involves traveling to renowned courses far away from home. Particularly for those who regularly suffer from nausea and stomach ailments, CBD can offer significant temporary relief, which can be just enough to get you through that round of golf that you’ve been dreaming about. CBD is known to settle an upset stomach and can be utilized to ward off symptoms in advance for those who have chronic issues with stomach pain and discomfort. Instead of giving in and skipping that round of golf you’ve always wanted to play, CBD could have you enjoying the course and forgetting that the day was almost ruined.


    Other applications:
    Although we’re just starting to understand the full scope of what CBD can do, many are already utilizing its benefits in a variety of ways at places like a golf course. CBD has proven to be particularly effective for helping stave off cravings and addictions, including for both tobacco and alcohol. There have also been studies that have shown CBD can be an effective treatment for seizures and pain associated with cancer, potentially opening the door to even wider application of Cannabidiol for both golf and everyday life. 

    How Can CBD Help with Post-Sports Inflammation?

    How Can CBD Help with Post-Sports Inflammation?

    Why Does It Matter To Be in Top Shape as an Athlete?
    Today, we have athletes that are getting bigger and stronger than ever. Along with the physical size of athletes is coming the pressure to find any way to "get an advantage" over the opponent. Sometimes, this includes resorting to illegal methods such as steroids to get that advantage. However, the good news is that it is not necessary to do such things to become a better athlete, especially when it comes to recovering from the competition. 

    What is Post-Sports Inflammation?
    The muscle soreness and joint pain you experience when your workouts are strenuous can be a result post-sports inflammation. Post-Sports inflammation can cause problems including slow recovery, limits muscular (fitness) gains, and in some cases can cause an overuse injury. Inflammation is the immune system's response to tissue damage from the strenuous workload the athlete endures.

    What is CBD?
    CBD is Cannabidiol is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. Cannabidiol is also major phytocannabinoid. Phytocannabinoids make up about 40% of the extracts from the plant. These extracts make up a substance called hemp seed oil. 

    What Can CBD Oil/Hemp Seed Oil Do For Athletes?
    CBD Oil/Hemp Seed Oil has been shown to help many athletes manage their post-sports inflammation levels so they can recover for their next training session, practice, or competition more rapidly. Being fully recovered before doing more physical activity allows the body to avoid both pain and soreness as well as injury. Fully recovering before attempting to complete more workouts also helps ensure that the athlete is avoiding injury whenever possible. 

    There are also more and more studies that are showing that cannabis oil can help alleviate other common sports issues including muscle spasms, stiffness, and ultimately can help significantly reduce inflammation.

    Cannabis oil has also been shown to be able to help the body produce more of its natural pain-killing endorphins such as beta-endorphin. This can further help the athlete recover more quickly between training or practice sessions or after competitions. 

    Cannabis oil has also been proven to be able to help treat many various conditions including chronic injuries that seem to persist and any inflammation that seems to occur after the most intense workouts or competitions. Cannabis is the most effective for athletes and their recovery if all of the ingredients are administered together. 

    Cannabis is the most effective for athletes and their recovery if all of the ingredients are administered together. Long-term studies of using the combined ingredients in cannabis have shown to help improve athlete's overall inflammation levels. This has been determined through preliminary testing of an inflammatory marker also known as C-reactive protein. The levels were shown to drop markedly in athletes who had regularly taken cannabis oil versus those who had not. More studies are currently undergoing to create more substantial evidence to back up these preliminary findings.

    Why is There Hope That CBD Can Help Athletes with Inflammation?
    Athletes with inflammation can benefit from cannabis oil as cannabis oil has shown to help treat many other conditions including those related to inflammation. Many athletes are only in recent years becoming more open about their use of cannabis oil as it becomes more "acceptable" to use these kinds of various techniques of performance recovery have been considered more widely accepted. The first recorded athlete to come out of using such substances as cannabis oil was Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati who came out stating that he used 17.8 nanograms of cannabis oil per milliliter of blood in his system. This put Rebagliati at 8x the proposed legal limit for drug-impaired driving under the federal Liberal government's Bill C-46 proposal.

    More and more athletes are catching onto the trends of using cannabis oil to improve their post-sports inflammation and to help them recover to get back on the field or court faster than before. While more research is confirming that cannabis oil is truly a benefit to athletes, the trend is catching on as more and more companies are offering CBD oil as a solution for post-sports inflammation for elite athletes who need to recover and stay on top of their game.