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    Here at BluDog Products we are happy to update shareholders with the design development drawings of our stackable modular grow houses.  The next step is producing shop drawings, which JHD, (ASPEN, CO), has informed us should be completed by year-end. From this point we anticipate we will be fabricating units to fill orders.

    The Problem
    Under IRS code 280e Marijuana businesses cannot deduct normal expenses like rent; cost of goods, personnel, etc. and thus owe taxes on Revenue.

    The Solution
    BluDog Products turnkey stackable grow houses will ONLY be available by lease to growers.  This should provide a continual income stream while keeping the growers facilities state of the art and most efficient.  Additionally, we understand the equipment lease payments are deductible to the growers as exception to 280e.

    The Plan
    BluDog is in talks with several groups to place its stackable grow houses on land, which complies with state and local statutes for a lease back to licensed growers.  This reduces the cost of entry to a lease payment.  Opening the market to more participants.